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"You're only one idea away from solving your biggest business challenge, this is the most likely place you will find that idea."

Michael has been happily married for over 30 years, with 3 amazing daughters, two incredible son-in-loves and 3 beautiful grandchildren.

As an entrepreneur, Michael McIntyre is known in the insurance industry as the creator of the “Blue Ocean” marketing concept. Michael used this strategy to start an insurance company from scratch and grow it to $3 Billion in annual sales.

Michael has coached and consulted with hundreds of entrepreneurs and C-level executives to increase revenue substantially — some over 450% — while reducing costs for maximum bottom line profit impact.

He has also worked with several senior pastors and to grow their churches from a couple hundred members to thousands of members. His work included launching a record label and establishing leadership protocols and boundaries amongst church leadership.

McIntyre has authored and published two books, “The Authentic Salesman “ and “Next Level Life”.

So far in his career, Michael has created over 175 millionaires and has impacted the lives of thousands of people through his coaching and training.

What's the goal?

The McIntyre Business Accelerator is designed to help you, as a business owner, to get laser focused on taking your business to the next level while making an everlasting impact for the Kingdom.

Get Ultimate Clarity

Join a group of serious Kingdom-minded entrepreneurs like yourself to dive deep and get intensely clear on your business purpose and goals.

Scale Your Business

Learn how to scale your business like Michael has done for himself and many clients, while you work side by side with hand selected advisors and experts who Michael trusts.

Radically change the course of your business at the Three-day online event.

"Sometimes a person's story can preach louder than fifty self help books...  

get coached by Michael and his organization."

Shawn Bolz


About M.B.A.

Your ROI on the McIntyre Business Accelerator is all but inevitable because it’s nearly impossible to walk away without one or multiple ideas to increase revenue and/or reduce expenses by at least six figures.

Who is this for?

Business owners who want to take their business to it's maximum value while staying focused on making an impact for the Kingdom.

What will we do?

Work side by side with Michael and his team of industry experts and coaches to solve challenges and grow your business, fast.

Why do this?

Work directly with someone who grew a business from Zero to 9-Figures — while networking with an exclusive group of business leaders who share a kingdom mindset.

Where is it?

First, we will meet online for 3 days.

When is the live event? 

The McIntyre Business Accelerator is May 16-18th 2024, LIVE online.

Is it worth it? 

All great leaders take time each year to disconnect from the day-to-day to create the vision and plan for growth. Three days is 1% of your year to radically transform the remaining 99%.


Membership in the McIntyre Business Accelerator is extremely limited. Apply now to see if it's a good fit for you and us. 

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 The Helmuths attended MBA and were selected to be featured in our docuseries, The Accelerator. If you attend MBA, you could be featured in upcoming seasons of The Accelerator.