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"You're only one decision away from becoming a FORCE for the Kingdom, this is the most likely place you will dig deep enough to make that decision and stick with it."

Michael has been happily married for over 30 years, with 3 amazing daughters, two incredible son-in-loves and 3 beautiful grandchildren.

As an entrepreneur, Michael McIntyre is known in the insurance industry as the creator of the “Blue Ocean” marketing concept. Michael used this strategy to start an insurance company from scratch and grow it to $3 Billion in annual sales.

Michael has coached and consulted with thousands of people including individuals,  entrepreneurs, celebrities and executives to increase to raise their impact on the Kingdom.

He has also worked with several senior pastors and to grow their churches from a couple hundred members to thousands of members. His work included launching a record label and establishing leadership protocols and boundaries amongst church leadership.

McIntyre has authored and published two books, “The Authentic Salesman “ and “Next Level Life”.

So far in his career, Michael has created over 175 millionaires and has impacted the lives of thousands of people through his coaching and training.

What's the goal?

The NLE Flight School is for those who are ready to take the next step after attending NLE. This is a four week journey with Certified McIntyre coaches to apply what you learned at NLE. We designed this program to equip you to further walk out your identity and the heart transformation that you experienced at NLE.

Registration Closes September 4th at 5pm CST!

Apply What You've Learned

Each week of Flight School has a specific focus that allows you to further unpack the concepts that you were experiencing in Next Level Experience.

Dig Deeper

Our NLE Coaches will guide you through the process of digging deeper into the truths and revelations that you received at NLE

Flight School equips you to bring the new paradigm you received from NLE to your day to day life. Our team is ready to help you solidify the aftermath of the experience because we know that when Monday comes it is a critical moment for you to walk out what you have learned.

"Sometimes a person's story can preach louder than fifty self help books...  

get coached by Michael and his organization."

Shawn Bolz


About NLE Flight School TM

Are you ready to take what you learned at NLE and apply it to your life? Through the NLE Flight School you will learn how to realistically apply the truths and concepts learned at NLE all while having access to our team of coaches and a community of like-minded believers. Registration Closes September 4th!

Who is this for?

NLE Alumni who are ready to apply what they learned and continue to take themselves on and be prepared for what’s next for them.

What will we do?

Further discuss, unpack, and do assignments designed to solidify the main concepts from Next Level Experience. This was created to further accelerate you into the life changing paradigm that you began to uncover at NLE.

Why do this?

Gain access to the NLE coaches who are ready to stand with you and help you to actually walk out everything that you received at the experience.
We know that life can come at you pretty quickly after NLE and we wanted you to take some additional time to soak in what you learned through Flight School.

Where is it?

We will meet for four weeks together virtually on Zoom. We will also have a Facebook group that you will be invited into for the four weeks of Flight School.

What's in it for me?

Assurance! Surround yourself with people who are ready to take that next step with you. Bring coaches into your life that are rooting for and assuring your mission every step of the way.

Is it worth it? 

Everyone needs a little push. NLE is a great first step, but it is not the only step. Surround yourself with the best team to help push you toward the purpose God has for you.

Take Flight With Us!

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Fulfill Your God-given Mission

REGISTER $79.95Register Now $79.95

When is it?

Session one: September 5th at 8-9pm CST
Session two: September 12th at 8-9pm CST
Session three: September 19th at 8-9pm CST
Session four: September 26th at 8-9pm CST


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